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Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is a game jam. Every 4 months a weekend is selected and a theme is announced. Thousands of game developers have the weekend to design, create, and release games for a competition where there are no official judges and no grand prize.


Year in review - 2013

Now that 2013 is pulling to a close I feel the pull that anyone who has ever set pen to paper (metaphorically, in this case) feels now - the thick, crushing desire to “bang out” a top 10 Greatest Hits list before retreating sleepily back into the embrace of a thick holiday sweater for a few weeks’ hibernation. I had a great time in 2013 - got SUPER married to the love of my life, participated in Twitter’s IPO and then moved into a fulltime Software Engineer role while finishing a set of Stanford graduate CS courses. Busy year.

Twitter, naturally, was a common theme. It’s where I participated in and documented many of the significant parts of my year. Of course, many of my friends don’t use or even understand the service, so to them I’ve dropped off the face of the planet. Inspired by the great 2013.twitter.com retrospective, I thought I’d put together some of my notable moments into a smörgåsbord for those friends to feast upon.


Learn HTTP, damn it

I recently had to debug an issue which required a lot of familiarity with HTTP to debug. There were a lot of random workarounds to the problem (“if I disable feature X it works”) but only when a developer clearly articulated the exact problem with the HTTP response was it possible to trace the error to a consistent reproduction case. The underlying lesson is one I’ve learned at least a few times now. When working with web APIs there will be times where things break at a level where you will be completely helpless unless you know how things work underneath all of the frameworks, toolkits, and client libraries in your application. So learn HTTP, damn it.


Go templates

Go’s html template package has some really powerful safety features but is unfortunately not designed to be as simple as some of the other template packages I’ve used in the past.



A traditional Estonian Christmas dinner includes roast potatoes, creamed sauerkraut, cold beet and potato salad, roast pork, and thick cut bacon. But the centerpiece, while intimidating to newcomers, is undoubtedly the star of the meal. It’s a dark, savory barley and blood sausage known as verivorst—my favorite thing to eat in the month of December.



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