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Stalker (1979)

There’s a point early on in Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker where the Stalker, the Professor, and the Writer have snuck past a military blockade, dodged bullets and ridden a railway work car for a few silent minutes of screen time. The film switches from sepia to color - they have entered The Zone, a mysterious alien-touched segment of the world. “We are home” Stalker says. “It is so quiet out here, it is the quietest place in the world.”



On April 17, 2015, Wes, Kalev and I started work on LD32, our third collaboration on a Ludum Dare weekend game jam.

Our resulting entry, Chromos, is a top-down action game reminiscient of Zelda and (blatantly) Titan Souls. It’s the most ambitious game we have tried to make in 48 hours:


Under the Skin (2013)

A little while ago I read this great article on the cinematic influences of the game Kentucky Route Zero, which got me thinking that I should be expanding my exposure to and ability to talk about film, particularly with regard to influencing work on Moonshot or other creative projects. So I’m starting an informal Cinema Club (think Book Club) and hope to write a bit about the films I watch and what I took away from them.


Black Swan

At some point I overheard Buster (my PM on analytics.twitter.com) raving about Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s books. I was intrigued without knowing too much and dove into Black Swan (even though Buster recommended Antifragile as his favorite) because I wanted to see what the deal was.


Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is a game jam. Every 4 months a weekend is selected and a theme is announced. Thousands of game developers have the weekend to design, create, and release games for a competition where there are no official judges and no grand prize.

It’s been the most rewarding creative outlet I’ve ever had.



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