Simple Go Server

Like I’ve said before, I think the news that Go will be supported on App Engine was my favorite of announcement of I/O this year. I think this is a huge step in getting broader developer support for Go as well as giving a comfortable middle ground between Python and Java for developers who want their App Engine apps to be compact and flexible while retaining some ability to do static analysis and refactoring. *

Packaging Google Chrome extensions

I’ve been working at Google for about three years now, and was fortunate enough to transfer onto the Chrome extensions team about a year ago. Mostly, I support developers working on Chrome extensions, but from time to time I work on projects for the team to keep my sanity. A good example of this is the Chrome extensions samples browser. The extension docs are built and hosted automatically from the Chromium source tree so I modified the docs build script to generate the gallery and zip each sample into an easily-downloadable archive.


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