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This update has been a long time coming. Sometime around October 2011 I decided that I would convert this blog to a Bootstrap-based layout, wound up breaking everything with my build process, and decided that the best way to fix things was to rewrite Jekyll from scratch, using Go.

It is now December 2012 and this plan has come to fruition.

Dynamically coloring a favicon

Since starting my job at Twitter, I’ve spent a lot of time on, either reading documentation or posting on the discussion group. I’ve also been Tweeting a lot more, and I tend to switch back and forth a lot throughout the work day. My browsing habits tend to lead to a bunch of open tabs in Chrome, and I realized that I was losing productivity.

East Coast GTUG Tour

After an amazing Google I/O session last week, I’m doing a bit of touring around on the East Coast until June. There’s a ton of GTUGs within driving distance of NJ, so I’m hitting up a few.

Google I/O 2011

I’m at Moscone Center in San Francisco this week, as a speaker in this year’s Google I/O conference. My session is tomorrow (May 11th) and as a first, I’ll be livestreamed over the internet. If you’re interested in viewing the session, you should be able to see it here, starting at 10:45am PDT. We’re bringing a lot of great content, and will try to bring the funny as well.


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