Go templates

Go’s html template package has some really powerful safety features but is unfortunately not designed to be as simple as some of the other template packages I’ve used in the past.

This site is now generated and hosted by Go

This update has been a long time coming. Sometime around October 2011 I decided that I would convert this blog to a Bootstrap-based layout, wound up breaking everything with my build process, and decided that the best way to fix things was to rewrite Jekyll from scratch, using Go.

It is now December 2012 and this plan has come to fruition.

Simple Go Server

Like I’ve said before, I think the news that Go will be supported on App Engine was my favorite of announcement of I/O this year. I think this is a huge step in getting broader developer support for Go as well as giving a comfortable middle ground between Python and Java for developers who want their App Engine apps to be compact and flexible while retaining some ability to do static analysis and refactoring. *


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