East Coast GTUG Tour

After an amazing Google I/O session last week, I’m doing a bit of touring around on the East Coast until June. There’s a ton of GTUGs within driving distance of NJ, so I’m hitting up a few.

Google I/O 2011

I’m at Moscone Center in San Francisco this week, as a speaker in this year’s Google I/O conference. My session is tomorrow (May 11th) and as a first, I’ll be livestreamed over the internet. If you’re interested in viewing the session, you should be able to see it here, starting at 10:45am PDT. We’re bringing a lot of great content, and will try to bring the funny as well.

Add-on-Con 2010

Last year between the time that the Chrome web store crazied everything up and the holidays shut everything down, I was invited to give an educational session at Add-on-Con 2010 on the topic of Chrome extensions.


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