I’m at Moscone Center in San Francisco this week, as a speaker in this year’s Google I/O conference. My session is tomorrow (May 11th) and as a first, I’ll be livestreamed over the internet. If you’re interested in viewing the session, you should be able to see it here, starting at 10:45am PDT. We’re bringing a lot of great content, and will try to bring the funny as well.

Eric Bidelman and I will be talking about some of the newer HTML features that have been implemented in Chrome during the past year. We’re doing a pretty demo-heavy talk, so we’re going to show you the “wow”, then break down the “how” of building everything. Everything will be open sourced and I’ll be following up on my blog about demo specifics once we’re done.

One limitation of the conference format is that we’re limited to 60 minutes including QA. Early in the planning of our session, Eric and I decided that we wouldn’t cover a lot of the basic features of HTML5. There’s already a bunch of great content covering this stuff, and I’d suggest viewing my session from last year if you want a primer.

Favorite announcement of the conference this far? I’m looking forward to using Music Beta, but hands down it has to be Go on App Engine. First compiled language to run on App Engine? That’s some crazy sauce right there.